is a Las Vegas based company whose goals include introducing the Linux operating system to the Southern Nevada area and thereby improving the network capabilities and reliability for small office and home office (SOHO) network users. In addition, we can provide an attractive web presence to small companies via our web hosting and award winning web design services. We realize the resource limitations of small business and are dedicated to helping to maximize the utilization of those resources. Our approach to this effort is to offer network services and equipment designed around the increasingly popular Linux operating system. The Linux operating system can meet the most complex and sophisticated requirements of a modern network system with increased reliability and reduced cost.
Trimillenium Systems would like to provide the SOHO with the advantages of a highly reliable, easily administered network system. We will accomplish this end by providing Linux system solutions for customers who are implementing new network installations. We will specify and configure hardware and software and provide continuing administrative services on a contract basis. We can also provide Linux advantages to customers with existing network installations by replacing or augmenting Windows NT or Windows 2000 servers with faster, more reliable, and less costly Linux servers. This replacement can be accomplished without disruption to the existing Windows based workstations. A more thorough description of how this can be done and the motivation for making such a change is contained in our Why Linux? page and in some of the sites listed on our Links page. A more complete list of the services we can provide is contained in our Services page.
Although we eventually plan to provide services to a broader base, we currently are limited to serving customers in the Southern Nevada area.
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